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Jefferson Utilities is seeking applicants for the position of full-time water operator or water operator-in-training.  Preferred candidate should possess the desire and aptitude to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for employment with the Jefferson Utilities’ water department.  Work would involve learning the following:  high capacity wells and associated equipment, pumps, chemical feed systems, SCADA systems and controls, pressure control and regulating valves, distribution system components and water storage facilities and all other duties as assigned.  Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources certification in distribution and groundwater at grade level 1 is required for water operator status and permanent employment.  Other Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources certifications are desired.  A valid Wisconsin driver's license is required and a CDL may be required in the future.  Applications are available at the utility office located at 425 Collins Rd., Jefferson and are due by September 23, 2016.  Send to the Utility Manager, P.O. Box 396, Jefferson, WI 53549 (920-674-7711).  Pre-employment drug testing required.  Equal Opportunity Employer.

Jefferson Utilities Job Application


There have been reports of three utility scams.

1.  Phone Scam: Some of our customers have reported that they received a phone call from an employee at Jefferson Utilities demanding payment or else their electricity would be disconnected. This is a scam. Do not give anyone money or personal information over the phone. Jefferson Utilities will always notify you with a tag on your door 24-48 hours prior to a scheduled disconnection. We will not call you and demand payment. If you are unsure if a phone call is legitimate, please hang up the phone and contact our office at 920-674-7711.

2. In-Person Scam: Other cities in Wisconsin have had reports of individuals posing as utility workers from local utilities or power companies attempting to gain access and burglarize residences.    Jefferson Utilities will never come to your home and demand payment for services. If someone comes to your house demanding payment for tree trimming, outstanding bills, or any other utility services, please call our office to verify their identity or ask to see their Jefferson Utilities ID card. DO NOT let them into your home until you have verified their identity.

3. New Phone Scam: We have received a report of a new phone scam. Someone that claims to be with We Energies calls and says that now We Energies handles disconnects for Jefferson Utilities and requires payment to avoid disconnection of your service. This is definitely a scam. Jefferson Utilities is NOT affiliated with We Energies. We handle our own disconnects and we do not disconnect after hours, unless there is an emergency.

If you would like to file a report about one of these scams, please contact our office or the Jefferson Police Department at (920) 674-7707. 

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